Premium Alkaline Water

Enhanced With Minerals & Electrolytes

Ultra Purified pH9+ Water

Smooth Pristine Taste

Zero Calories

It’s important to watch your calorie intake. But when it comes to water, it definitely shouldn’t be on your radar

Fluoride & Chlorine Free

Contrary to what “they” tell you, research shows that long term exposure to these chemicals is highly toxic

Zero Sodium

A high sodium diet is directly linked to Cardivascular disease. Don’t add to your daily intake with water

Alkaline Water pH 9+

Our bodies should be Alkaline. But on average, our diets are highly acidic. Take sodas - they range from pH 2.5 – 3.6

Electrolytes + Minerals

AGUA+ is enhanced with electrolytes and minerals for superior hydration and a smooth pristine taste

Ultra Purified

Our water undergoes a 7-stage purification process to remove any unwanted germs or contaminants


    ANNE • MAR 04, 2018

    I love this water... the taste is great, and it just makes me feel "more balanced" & hydrated. The shape of the bottle makes it very easy to carry (even with my small hands) & is substantial. It is BPA free, and balances when set down. (does not wobble or fold up like most). I have never been a water drinker, but after my husband purchased this for me, I am drinking several bottles a day, and keep on my nightstand for during the night. Best product I've found in a long time. I highly recommend!!


    SARA T • JAN 18, 2018

    I'm pretty picky about the water I drink, but I tried this and loved it! The fact that I like the taste and it's healthier than regular water is a big plus for me. Alkaline water also helps a ton with my chronic indegestion.


    ADIMT32 • MAR 14, 2018

    Love it! Just bought this last week hoping to get my body more alkaline and it's actually working! Great taste, very refreshing. Love it


    G-PA • FEB 23, 2018

    Perfect size and shaped bottles and excellent flavor at the right price.

Alkaline Hydration

Agua Plus is premium purified water with a perfect balance of minerals and electrolytes for better hydration and a smooth pristine taste

All Water Is Not Created Equal!

Hydrate + Balance + Revitalize